Proper care of extended eyelashes

A Comprehensive Guide by Master Lashes

Voluminous, long and slightly curled eyelashes frame the beauty of the eyes. It is only important to apply mascara correctly to visually correct the look to make it almond-shaped or rounded.

But, given the pace of life, many women prefer to get Lash Extensions to save time on putting makeup and then removing it. Such is this time management for the lady!

The Eyelash Extension Application beauty procedure is very relevant and, provided the correct approach, is completely safe. The main thing is to successfully choose a quality material, shape and, of course, a professional Lash master. And we will leave a few tips so that the extended eyelashes remain luxurious as long as possible.

After the procedure, it is advisable not to use oil or alcohol based products around the eyes. Not only because of this, the quality of the glue may deteriorate, but it is also not good for the sensitive skin around your eyes. Give preference to products with a light texture, without oils.

It is not recommended to use cotton pads or wet wipes to remove makeup, better not apply it at all of course 🤣. Any mechanical damage should be avoided. The best tool is a soft makeup eraser cloth and foaming Lash shampoo.

Among a huge range of cleansing products, we’ve got you covered and have already chosen the best for you. All Master Lashes products are very delicate, with many useful extracts. Using Lash Extensions aftercare prolongs the perfect look of your Lash set.

And one more tip for you 😘. While having extensions, specialists arrange to take care of the natural Lashes. Experts recommend using light serums for restoration, strengthening, hydration, and volume.

And remember, beauty is not always about sacrificing something for a good result. The main thing is a reasonable approach to everything. And then any beauty procedure will work for you — bring pleasure and help you feel more confident. This is where our little tips will help.

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