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Bridal Lash sets are a must for that special day.

Our new series of “Myth busters” where we dispel commonly held myths about Lash extensions, Brow design and cosmetic tattoo.

If a salon is offering a special bridal set then take a careful look at what they are offering.

Ever pondered that your bridal Lash set should transcend beyond just being a product? It needs to be a specially curated experience solely for you! The magic behind that immaculate look on your big day (and the following days, and your honeymoon, and even beyond) lies in the bridal lash sets.

A set of Lashes for that special day should not be more expensive or predetermined. The creation process should indeed be a mutual effort involving you, your lash technician, and even your makeup artist. This way, you’ll achieve a harmonious look that makes you shine.

It’s recommended to try a lash set at least 3 weeks before your Wedding day. This strategy allows your make-up artist to harmonize your overall look with your lashes.

Here’s a fact: The application of Lash extensions is a subtle art that needs a skilled professional’s hand. It’s certainly not a DIY task. The same rule applies for lash removal – doing it yourself could potentially harm your natural lashes.

Do not try and remove your own lash extensions as you could seriously damage your natural lashes.

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