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A Comprehensive Guide by Master Lashes

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In the bustling streets of Surry Hills, Sydney, the beauty industry is thriving, and Eyelash Extensions have become a sought-after service for many. With the rise in popularity of this beauty trend, a common question arises: Are Eyelash Extensions bad for your eyes? Master Lashes, a leading eyelash and micro-blading studio in Surry Hills, delves into this topic to provide clarity.

Understanding Eyelash Extensions

The procedure involves attaching individual extensions, which are made of manufactured fibres, to your natural lashes using a specialized adhesive. This process enhances the length, volume, and curl of your natural lashes, giving you a more defined or dramatic look. With advancements in technology, Master Lashes has introduced innovative methods like the UV LED Lash Extensions Application, which uses UV LED light to cure the extensions, reducing potential allergic reactions and making whole procedure more comfortable giving seamless application, longer and better lasting extensions.

Safety First: The Master Lashes Approach

At Master Lashes, the safety and well-being of clients are paramount.

Qualified Technicians: Only trained and certified professionals handle the application process. Their expertise ensures that the extensions are applied correctly and that no damage is done to your natural Lashes.

High-Quality Products: Master Lashes uses top-tier products, including safe adhesives that are designed to be gentle on your natural lashes and the delicate skin around your eyes.

Hygiene Standards: The salon maintains strict hygiene standards. All tools are sterilized, and the application process is done in a clean environment.

Addressing Common Concerns

Allergic Reactions: Some individuals might be allergic to the adhesive used in the application. Master Lashes offers the MEDI LED Lash Extensions application, which significantly reduces allergic reactions.

Natural Lash Damage: If applied correctly, eyelash extensions will not damage your natural lashes. It’s essential to avoid rubbing your eyes (with or without extensions) or pulling on the extensions, as this can lead to natural lash loss.

Eye Infections: Infections can’t occur due to eyelash extension application, only occur due to poor hygiene, a viral infection, or other underlying health conditions.

Following the aftercare instructions provided by Master Lashes and maintaining eyelid hygiene can prevent this.


Eyelash extensions, when done correctly and with care, are not bad for your eyes or natural Lashes. They are a healthier option than applying mascara every day, as you don’t have to rub your eyes every night to take it off. It’s crucial to choose a reputable salon like Master Lashes in Surry Hills, Sydney, that prioritizes client safety and uses the latest techniques like the UV LED Lash Extension Application. With the right care and attention, you can flaunt those gorgeous lashes without any worries!

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