Eyelash Extensions


Before shots without lash extensions. The poor girl has to wake up 30 minutes earlier to apply mascara.


Infills* 2 weeks: $80  |  3 weeks: $90

The ultimate mascara replacement! This is a great way to find out how much you really like them and  come back for a fuller set.


Infills* 1 week: $70  |   2 weeks: $80  |  3 weeks: $90  |   4 weeks: $110

Classic eyelash extensions are the application of one extension to one suitable natural lash. With a choice of a natural or dramatic look.


Infills* 1 week: $80  |  2 weeks: $110  |  3 weeks: $130  |  4 weeks: $175

This treatment is suitable for the client with either sparse natural lashes, or a client that requires a thicker fuller look


Infills* 2 weeks: $150  |  3 weeks: $175

This treatment is suitable for the client with a good set of natural lashes but desires an extremely full and dramatic appearance. The use of 5-6 extensions to one natural lash will create a fluffier and heavier look.

We are also one of the few lash salons in Australia with expertly trained technicians who undertake the Asian Hooded Eyelid Lift Lash extensions treatment.


We are so confident that you will love are work we are happy to remove our lashes (within 1 week of application) for free.


We DO NOT offer removals on work that was applied elsewhere, unless the client is having a new full set applied by us. In this case we offer a free removal, unless we feel that it will take longer than 20 minutes to remove the set due to poor work and excessive glue.

Any set that will take over 20 minutes to remove will incur a $40 removal fee in addition to the lash treatment.

We will not be held responsible for any damage to the natural lashes that has been caused by poor work elsewhere.

*Infills: We DO NOT offer infills on work that was carried out elsewhere


Wax and Tint


Wax or Tint: $30

Threading: $30


Tint: $30


Threading or Wax: $30



EYEBROWS – $650ˆ

ˆ A consultation is always required prior to the procedure. The cost of the consultation is $50, which will form part of the cost of the procedure if the customer wishes to proceed. If the customer does not wish to proceed this fee is not refundable.


Certified Training

BEGINNERS – 4 DAYS = $1600

ADVANCED – 1 DAY = $500

VOLUME – 3 DAYS = $1600

Interested in becoming an eyelash extension technician?

Have practical experience, but feel you can do better?

Or just want to master the art of eyelash extensions for Classic or Volume sets?

Master Lashes© offers a comprehensive range of eyelash extension training for both classic and volume and for beginners and experienced technicians.

At Master Lashes we aim to teach you all aspects of eyelash extension application, not just how to apply the lashes.









the most recent and effective techniques for the application of classic or volume eyelash extensions

the client consultation process (the does and don’ts)

contra indications (a big word meaning when not to do lashes for a client as the risk to their health is too big) and allergies

healthcare requirements, tips and aftercare requirements

the importance and processes required in hygiene and health associated with the application of eyelash extensions

how to identify lash types, lengths and curls and when to use them

the techniques and processes for lash extension removal


Due to constant requests we now do 1 on 1 training

At Master Lashes we also aim to instil confidence in all of these aspects so that you have self-belief in your work. With small class sizes to maximise 1 on 1 time with the trainer, a regime of training that lasts longer than 1 or 2 days and after course support to ensure that you are not left helpless adrift.

Our lead trainer and Principal Lash Technician, Anastasiya Shefer, is an experienced professional. Anastasiya is a European qualified, trained and certified lash technician who is highly regarded as one of the best lash artists in Australia, and has trained many technicians from beginner to the experienced. Anastasiya is passionate about the work of eyelash extensions and of raising standards within the industry.

Beginners Course

Learning the basics of eyelash extension application

  • Lash safety​
  • Contra Indications and allergies​
  • Hygiene and sanitation​
  • Lash supplies, tools & equipment​
  • Lash types, curls and lengths​
  • Practice Lash isolation & pickup on mannequin​
  • Lash removal​
  • Eye Types & Shapes
  • Natural lash types
  • Lash Styling
  • Infills
  • Client consultations
  • Live model practice
  • Aftercare

​ Volume Eyelash Extension Course

Learning the basics of volume lash extension application

  • Lash safety
  • ​Contra Indications and allergies
  • ​Hygiene and sanitation
  • ​Lash supplies, tools & equipment
  • Lash types, curls and lengths
  • Practice Lash isolation & multiple lash pickup on mannequin
  • Lash removal
  • Eye Types & Shapes
  • Natural lash types
  • Lash Styling
  • Infills
  • Client consultations
  • Live model practice
  • ​Aftercare

Contact us for more information or to book in to one of our courses

* By using the Online Booking system you agree to the associated terms and conditions including the liability associated with the cancellation of bookings and rescheduling of bookings with less than 24hrs notice and 'no shows'  which gives MasterLashes the right to charge up to 100% of the treatment cost associated with the booking. For further information please read the Terms and Conditions. 

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